Monday, March 10, 2008

seed babies, 8-10 wks

3/8/08- planted 1 6-cell fairy tale eggplants, 1 6-cell mixed eggplants, 2 cells habenaro peppers (lots more hot peppers to come...), 10 cells lavender
3/9/08- planted 2 6-cells pansies- Chalon Giant mix and 1 6-cell lupine mix (refrigerated until 4/9) and winter-sowed 6 lupine seeds.

1 snowdrop bloom was sited along with many hints of green-stuffs poking up from the ground in the vicinity of where I planted snowdrops, grape hyacinths and a few crocuses this fall. No evidence of tulips or daffodils, but the snow has yet to totally melt off where they are planted and I haven't been able to pull back the mulch.

We have grand plans involving lasagna gardening in combination with the containers. Oh yes, and fences and arbors to both provide growing space for climbers and to keep the neighbors off the flower beds and off our property in general. grr....

pictures soon. I promise. maybe once there are baby plantlets.

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