Friday, April 18, 2008


I have a sneaking suspicion that in 50-60 days, we're going to be overflowing with fresh greens...not that there is anything wrong with that, but I think I possibly may have planted too much lettuce, even for us. Not to mention all the other tall-and-leafy thingers that went out on the back porch today and yesterday.

~2 2' porchboxes with radishes and mesclun mix
~1 tray of mache
~1 tray (8 2"x4" cells, 4 seeds per cell, to thin later) red-ribbed swiss chard
~1 2' box of green onions and more mesclun mix
~1 "jiffy-7" peat pellet tray (72 pellets) with (1 row of 6 each):
-Viviane lettuce
-Tom thumb lettuce
-Four Seasons Lettuce
-mustard greens
-turnip greens
-collard greens
-broccoli raab
-brussel sprouts (just trying them for the spring, will grow a bunch in the fall)
-white-ribbed swiss chard
-mixed color swiss chard
-'bulls blood' beets

There is also some Black-Seeded Simpson that I winter-sowed a month or so back which is growing pretty well, especially with this nice weather (80 degrees today! in April!).

I have been pretty bad about keeping up any sort of tracking for what I've planted when and how its doing. We have tons of tomato-lets, which are doing okay now that I repotted and fertilized them, plus eggplants (wow, fairy tale eggplants grow well!), hot peppers of several varieties (habanero, cayenne and "mixed"), sweet peppers of at least 3 varieties, broccoli, kohlrabi, watermelon (moon and stars), onions, 1 raddichio (yep, just 1...), thyme, oregano, chamomile, 3 kinds of basil, sage, 2 kinds of kale, other things I know I'm forgetting, plus a bunch of flowers. Pansies/Violas were a total flop, as were asters...they germinated but died before they got their second leaves.

We are going tomorrow to get the blueberries for the front...Miller Nurseries in Canandaigua. We almost have a lasagna bed built for them...getting a load of seasoned horse manure tonight and then will put down a layer of compost w/sulfur mixed in and then straw. I am on the search for a regular source of pine needles to keep the pH down, but we'll have to use sulfur or something similar for now...not ideal but hopefully with lots of tea/coffee grounds, plus pine needles, we won't have to use too much purchased stuff.

Picture soon, promise.