Thursday, February 7, 2008

buying seeds

I just bought a whole lotta seeds. Considering I already have a whole lotta seeds, the little shelf in the freezer is going to fill up quite quickly, especially since there are still a few more things we want to get. Granted, we aren't going to be growing everything we have and we aren't going to be growing everything we want to grow this year all at once. but yeah, anyway, now its time to start planning out the front yard and figuring what to do with the back. We have a guy coming to look at and evaluate the tree we want to remove out back (it is very close to the house, with branches hanging over the roof and manages to shade a lot of prime garden space) so we may have a better idea of how usable the back yard is after this weekend.

Anyway, what I bought today:
I had a $50 gift certificate to Burpee (which I had to call in since you can't use them online?!) so I bought the majority from them.
1 packet each of:
- "Survivor" Garden Peas
- "Boxwood" Basil
- "Sunburst Hybrid" pattypan squash
- "Tendergreen" mustard (heirloom)
- Scarlet Runner Beans
- "Purple King" pole beans
- "Bull's Blood" beets (heirloom)
- "Bistro" mache
- "Fairy Tale" eggplant
- "Four Seasons" lettuce (heirloom)
- "Viviane" lettuce (Giant Romaine)
- "Sun Gold" tomato (these are my favorites, I'm excited!)
- "Health Kick" tomato (2x the lycopene, apparently, plus a dwarf-ish plant)
- a packet of mixed "annuals for shade", so we can put something in the back or on the porch
- the order came with a free packet of "cutting mix" sunflowers...we have sunflowers out our ears; everyone is giving away free sunflower seeds! Maybe I'll just eat them, lol!

Then, from Seed Savers Exchange:
- Lacinato (aka "Black Russian", "Palm Tree") Kale (this stuff is amazing!)
- Red Malabar Spinach
- Red Burgundy Okra (I have to say, I hate okra, but the beardies love it and the plant is beautiful, especially this variety...and I may try it if we get a good yield. Its been a few years, so maybe I like it now?)

We still need another kind of eggplant, more summer squash/zucchini and probably another packet of looseleaf lettuce/mesclun mix or two, but we'll pick those up this weekend. Considering the eggplants should be started in 2 weeks (EEP!) to have them ready by the last frost date (though I think I shall start them later, since I don't know how much hauling in-and-outdoors I want to do, considering the weather here).

We also inventoried the seeds that we already have and we actually have almost all the flower seeds that I want to start ourselves. We'll buy a lot of flower plants, since I'd rather use the energy and space for veggies as much as possible. And the blueberries will be purchased as plants, of course.

I am feeling overwhelmed by all the prep work and organizing that needs to be done and by the actual process, but I am excited too. Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures of my beautiful garden to post here in a few months, or at least some pictures....

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